British Empire


british empireUnited Kingdom is complex, many nations are on hand
England, Scotland, Wales, and the province of Northern Ireland

William the Conquerer, Henry the VIII, and Mary Queen of Scots
The flags made up of Saints, historical connect the dots

Constitutional Monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II rules for now
Prince Charles is next in line, and Prime Minister where for art thou

Dialect is hard to master, Welsh, Gaelic and Cockney too
Then there are the nicknames, the chippy and lou are a few

Rolling hills of livestock, valleys where villagers dwell
Magnificent lakes and castles, will cast you in their spell

Dickens, Chaucer, Shaw and Shakespeare
The Beatles and Beckham, help lead this frontier

London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Eire’s Belfast
Breakfast at Wimbledon, football played on grass

Spend your pounds or shillings, pick up a pence from Trafalgar Square
Share a pint with a rosy cheeked bloke, they’re friendly and not rare

Big Ben, Westminster, St. Paul’s, and the Tower Bridge
Vast Chunnel connects France, by an underwater ridge

Catch a double-decker bus on this diverse island of wonderful green
Great Britain like the crown jewels, are a spectacle to be seen.