G’Day Mates


australia flagThe land down under is what it’s often called
Lush tropical forests, diversity sprawled

A continent proud despite its criminal roots
Exploring the outback invites rugged pursuits

Known for kangaroos, koalas, and dingos
Fierce Tasmanian devil, creates chaos where he goes

Magnificent beauty from wet surf to dry sand
The Great Barrier Reef commands the world’s largest island

australia mapRugby and culture from Sydney’s opera house shines
Grab some shrimp from the Bar-B with succulent wines

Speaking an English only they can detect
Spending time with them to learn is worth the connect

New South Wales, Canberra, Brisbane, and Melbourne
Witness colourful miracles wherever you turn

Over 7000 beaches and 25,000 plants thrive
Almost all the black opals come from this dive

Native Aboriginals remain steeped in their tribes
Infringing society disturbs ancient vibes

Six states, and two territories, 8 apostles stand tall
Get to know Australia, answer mother nature’s call.