Great White North


Second largest country, multi-culturally diverse
From mining to technology, plains and mountains to traverse

Aboriginal people, cherished life and land
Assisted new settlers, who proceeded to command


10 provinces, 3 territories, including a French one called Quebec
During the 1800s, they rushed for Gold on a Yukon trek

A commonwealth of Britain, the Queen is Chief of State
The Governor General represents her, with Prime Minister they equate

Our nations independence, on July 1st with fireworks
Rocky Mountains and Niagara Falls, our countries natural perks

Symbols such as the totem pole, soapstone and inukshuk
Alexander Graham Bell made the phone, from more than just pure luck

canada1Hockey is a pastime, with lacrosse, culture and the arts
Skydome, ballet, CN Tower, all dear to our hearts

Two bands of red, with a red maple leaf on white
Despite our names for money, the future sure looks bright

From Halifax, St.John’s, Toronto, Regina and Victoria
With Ottawa as the capital, our cities induce euphoria

Friendly people, landscape, fun, are a few things that’s in store
The Great White North or Canada, there’s so much to explore.