It’s all Greek to me


greece flagRugged terrain, towering hills filled with homes
5000 years old, full of sculptures from stones

Sacred lands guarded, yielding marble and ore
But water pollution affects fishing from shore

Steeped in conflict over who owned this place
Prosperous Byzantine Empire restored Christian faith

Heroes, philosophers, Plato, Socrates and Zeus
Alexander the Great conquered lands with his troops

greece mapThe first Olympics were in Athens, to honour the Gods
Sparta, Olympia, Crete and Rhodes, stack the odds

Eastern Orthodox weddings, traditions, and church
Bezukki music, and dancing end your authentic search

Fruit and olive groves, souvlaki, and feta cheese
Dolmades, moussaka, baklava tempt and please

Family proud, loving people having fun
From retsina to ouzo, they smash plates when they’re done

Millions of tourists visit Acropolis and Parthenon
Ruins from historical battles that went wrong

Surrounded by seas, islands and beaches invite
You may not know the language, but Greece is a wonderful site.