Made in China


china flagOne billion and building, civilization of growth
4000 years of history, gives them wisdom and hope

Communist power led once by Mao Tse Tung
Forbidden city, ruled by centuries of Dynasties strong

Terraced hillsides, stairs of cash crops
Rice in the lowlands, earthquakes that shock

The mighty Himilayas where Mount Everest stands tall
Tibetan monks pray in case adventurers fall

Buddhists, shrines and temples, global consciousness unites
When “Confucius Say”, thinking rose to new heights

An unusual alphabet, language of depth and mystique
Like their zodiac, emperors and healing technique

china mapPeking/Beijing is the capital, with Tiananmen Square at the core
Eighth wonder, the Great Wall, seen from the moon according to lore

Until 1997 Hong Kong was a British colony
Shanghai’s on the Yangtze, pushcarts, bikes, or boats at sea

First to make porcelain, silk, money, and all types of papers
Known for acrobats, watercolors, dragons and sky scrapers

Family loyalty, ancient customs, traditions from long ago
The People’s Republic of China, is a great place to know.