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525 Main St. Mahone Bay, NS B0J 2E0

If you are looking for prime retail rental – this is a rare opportunity. 

The power of Main St for retail and tourists – in a real store front – is a fantastic opportunity to capture your target market. Tourists are here to buy your goods – and retail shops invite top spenders – this is not a barter zone. 
If you are looking for local buyers – they pass by this location every day to wherever they are going. 

Our goal at Main St. PopUp Shop is to create a new local experience and attract major brands, professionals or local artisans to use the store on a daily, weekly or monthly term on an as needed basis and provide local vendors a real retail experience.

Here you could find something different every day, or the same familiar brands – it all depends on your support of them, and their fulfillment of what you want. This is a community created for you. 

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Gifts For Her!

An example is a dog bakery that does a weekend pet lovers event when traffic is high and tourists are around.

Or a quilt ’show’ that displays its wares and the works of other local quilters for sale during a season that they are peak.

What about a highly known brand or break-out designer that wants to showcase or launch a new line.

A local photographer who would love to show and sell his extensive collection.

A new author who wants to do a book launch and signing.

A talented artist who has a ton of work and selling just 1 piece could really help to get exposure.

A real estate agency that wants exposure to a new market but not have a full store front

An accountant who wants a fast drop-in store front office during tax time (H&R started this way)

Or perhaps a baby shop/maternity store that may not have enough daily demand but could have a ‘baby shower’ 1 day flash sale.

The list of possibilities are endless, which is why it’s a new shopping adventure every day.

Benefits of a Popup Shop

And Why You Should Do It!

  • Short term trials with no long term lease obligations make it easy to try
  • Low risk marketing method for nominal investment
  • Helps build your brand and cultivate awareness
  • Increases sales opportunities
  • Provides an opportunity to test or prototype a new business model; 
  • Give a product or service an attention-grabbing launch or increase its profile
  • Hold a members only event or sale reinforcing an existing brand and customer’s loyalty to it
  • A high-level brand or break-out designer that wants to showcase or launch a new line.
  • Allows new ideas to be tested with limited risk
  • Provides an accessible way for organizations to engage with the public, conduct surveys, do sample sales or taste tests
  • Leverage a space for a seasonal sale or event.
  • Lets you carry out market research for a new product, range or service.
  • Provides an interesting way to launch a new product
  • Reach a different audience than your usual one.
  • Happens in a different place to the one where you usually do business.

Participating Vendors

Make Sure You Support these Amazing Vendors!


June/Aug 2022

Lavender and Lace

Lavender and Lace Vintage Decor   


Pam Stevenson Jewellery


Shauna’s Closet


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525 Main St. Mahone Bay, NS B0J 2E0