Preparation and Retail Store Setup Tips

Thank you for joining us at Main St. Popup Shop for your retail experience.

We are excited to have you share the space and remind you that the success of your experience here is 100% up to you.

When you are in peak season, especially during the weekends in the summer, it’s easy to sit back and depend on foot traffic.

When it’s sunny out, the crowds can be crazy. When it rains or is inclement weather, or off-peak, that will take you bringing attention to where you are. So set your expectations accordingly, and know that retail is a long term game – people get used to you being somewhere – but can take a while to find you. 

Below are instructions on how to best prepare for and then arrive and sell at the Popup Store. It’s going to be fun. 

BEFORE YOU ARRIVE – How to prepare and get the most out of your Popup Shop experience.

I would start off with getting your items ready for the space and products ready.


Feel free to drop by the store, have a look at your space and see what table will fit, shelves to bring, hanging options you may want to have for your products.  It’s good to visualize how you and your products will look, be seen and how they will sell.  Make an appointment if you are coming in from out of town because we aren’t always here.  If coming to the store isn’t an option – not a problem.

Each spot is a square – a wall on one side – and a window. Or if in the back spot a wall on one side and a wall behind. It is best to use lower tables versus shelves unless you are putting the taller shelving units against a wall. Don’t block the view or access to someone in the back row. 

Remember this is a ‘store’ and even though 4 separate entities are there – it’s good to co-exist and create a space where no matter who walks in – everyone can be seen regardless of location.  

Other things to think about bringing:

> Your chair to sit (it’s a long day)

> An ipad to record sales or just amusement during traffic breaks or your way to process orders

> Your business signs for inside and outside the building. Staples can build these or a local printing house. 

> Business cards or a brochure. Many might not be ready to buy that day but they want to in the future. Many sales have
   happened after, and as a result of being in the store. Not all sales are immediate, and you are starting to build a following and
   have more people know you. 

> Balloons, or other signs to put on the store to indicate something special happening. Think fun event like a party. 

> If you have pictures, purses, things that you want to ‘hang’ on the wall – we don’t allow anything to be attached to the wall.
   We have a ROD SYSTEM along the top where you can use ribbon or wire and hooks to
hang your stuff from along the wall.
   We hang our art – in fact 2 stacked using this rod and wire. There isn’t much it can’t support.  We have a step stool you can
   borrow to set this up if need be. (see image samples below) 

> Earbuds or headphones in case you want to watch something or play music to pass the time. 

> Bring a power bar and extension cords. For the front spaces power is directly from the middle of the windows. You may want
   to bring a power bar and extension to reach towards the back of your space if you need power in multiple locations. For the
   back spaces it is along the side wall towards the back of the space – so bring a power bar and extension cord in case you need
   more than 2 outlets. 


> Announce you are appearing at our store 

> Follow us on Instagram

> Follow us on Facebook

> If you booked for a month, or purchased the Quick Start Marketing Package – get us some data and images so we can help you promote.
Fill this out –

> Start to promote like crazy everywhere
– especially these powerful Facebook groups:

Mahone Bay Community –

Business Group –

Lunenberg Community –

South Shore Community

South Shore and NS Business Hub –

When you post – click share and send to MainStPopUpShop as well


CLICK TO REVIEW ALL THE Frequently Asked Questions/FAQS
Especially the one about MOVE IN DAY which is 9am your first day. 

WHILE YOU ARE IN THE STORE  – Some things to help your exposure and sales

> If it’s quiet, post pictures of your stuff to the various Facebook groups on social media.

> Text friends about where you are and if they could spread the word.

> Do a Facebook live, show you are on Main St in the Popup Shop, show your products  and tell everyone to come and see you.


             Using Ribbon to Hang from Bars                                 Wire and hooks for art                                    Using Wire and S Hooks to Hang from Bars


> Book another date – consistency is key to success and letting your customers know you are going to keep being somewhere, or keep showing up gives them confidence in the sale 

> Text friends about where you are and if they could spread the word.

> Do a Facebook live, show you are on Main St in the Popup Shop, show your products  and tell everyone to come and see you.

Other things to think about 

> In late fall and winter – the space is cold. High ceilings, all windows, no insulation and a poor heating system contribute to a
   chilly environment (until the sun rolls around and you roast.) 
   So I would recommend you bring a little space heater and wear a warm thick sweater.

> Also some vendors have brought a thermos of coffee or tea – this is a good idea too. 

> For lunch – you can pack a lunch, or grab something from one of the local take out places – it’s up to you.
   Remember this is a shared retail space and smells can affect the ambience. Try to avoid fish or foods that have a prominent