Cube of Words

Like a Rubik’s Cube, the company is composed of 6 letters (DOCNOT), and each poem contains 9 levels of meaning, with just a few simple words. To maximize the experience, read the poem through once – think about it for a few minutes, and then go through each of the level hints.
  1. The left-hand column describes the sequence of responses and emotions that you experience with respect to the dynamic (Level II) and actual event (Level IIII). Write how it makes you feel.
  2. Level II The right hand column is a sequence of steps or elements of the poems actual event, but when combined with the originating poem or series concept, and Level IIII inner child request, you reveal the dynamic event.
  3. Level III Read each sentence together. The left-hand describes how the right-hand event can make you feel. Write one example (Inner child therapy)
  4. Level IIII Read the last sentence. The left sentence is the physical inner child desire request to complete the actual and dynamic event. By combining the cultivating energy with the dynamic event you reveal the essence for the new opportunity.
  5. The right hand word from the poems’ title is a physical event or manifestation that is used to achieve the opportunity. Get dictionary definition.
  6. Level VI The left-hand word from the poems’ title is the emotion you invoke or could invoke to respond to Level V with the feeling applied from Level I. Reveals the cultivating energy. Select definition from dictionary.
  7. Level VII The right hand side of the sentence is the name of the corresponding picture. When combined with Level IIII it produces the physical requirement for success, and with the definitions of the words formulates the new opportunity.
  8. Level VIII Looking just at the picture from the surface, what is the picture about, or the actual event?
  9. Level VIIII Put the whole poem and picture into one dynamic optimistic thought that uses the cultivating energy with Level V and the opportunity.

The Poetry of Business has a full example!

I look forward to you reading and interpreting these events. Please post your thoughts, hypothesis and formulations in our forum. I would love to participate with you as you experience what has been termed the ‘rubiks cube’ of words. Yours Sincerely, Tracy Lynn Repchuk