Rental Inquiry

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the store hours?

The recommended store hours are 10am-5pm – this is a walking town and goes pretty quiet after 5pm in winter and 7pm summer. 

Is there WIFI Included?

Yes – we have 500 mbp wifi. 

Do you provide power?

Yes – heat/hydro/Air Conditioner/power is included.  If however you go over a certain reasonable amount per month – you may have to pay the difference between the ‘rated’ usage and overage fee. 

Can a space be shared?

This space is not designed to be shared. If you are using as a real estate office and have multiple agents, that is totally allowed. If you are a store that sells T-Shirts, and want to bring in a guy that sells art, and another that sells wood carvings – you want to ‘sub charge’ to offset your rental amount – that isn’t allowed. You are the sole ‘renter’ of that space and if anything happens with other vendors, we don’t want to be involved or have these scenarios emerge.

Do you provide cleaning?

It is your space and are required to keep it clean for your customers, clients and ultimately as part of the care of the space. 

Do you guarantee sales or foot traffic?

We don’t guarantee anything except you have a store on Main St. This is the rental of a space so that you can send people to it that you know from your social media or email lists or are attracted from walking or driving by. We do post you on this site as the ‘current retail renter’, but all promotion and income generation is up to you. Your income doesn’t determine your obligation to pay the rental amount. 

How do I know if retail rental is right for me or Mahone Bay is right?

The quick answer is – you don’t know if it’s right for you. It is a risk to take out a 1-year lease term on a full retail store location, but all entrepreneurial adventures have a risk attached. Office space, equipment, staff, store front, accountants, lawyers – it’s all part of being your own boss. 

One thing I will emphasize, that is consistency sells.  A weekend, a week even and no sales – doesn’t mean it won’t work. You need to build excitement you are here, then be consistent, and then start to track and measure. Marketing is about consistency – which is why in the old days of magazine or newspaper advertising – you gave something a fair shot. Often those mediums would insist on a 90-day run to build the audience at a cost on average of $1000 per insertion. Just something to think about.  In the days of Yellow Pages, we paid $8000 per month, with no guarantee we would ever be seen.  

Do you do any marketing for me?

We don’t do any free marketing for you, but we have a marketing agency if you are interested in assistance to get you going.

What we will do for your first and last month’s payment, is include the following to help you launch. 

The Launch Kit which includes:
> Creation of 1 social media MEME that includes your logo OR product shots – whichever highlights you best
> Instagram post to our page with link (you can also post to your own page if you have one) 
> Facebook Live Announcement from the store once you are set up
> Facebook Post to our page 
> Promotion to 3 most popular local Facebook Groups/Pages
> Provide you with the social media meme to promote anywhere else you deem appropriate
Value: $1500 

For more marketing options you can check out our site – 

Can someone else man my space/shop for me?

Absolutely – that is up to you. Friend, staff – it’s your space. The only thing I will say is that nobody is a better sales person of your stuff than you. And when it comes to art, photography or something custom and handmade – it’s more rapidly sold when they are meeting the actual artist/creator. However, it’s your space to do as you please.  

If I'm not making ends meet, can I get out of the lease?

The simple answer is no. You have signed a 1-year contract, and it’s up to you to make a success of it. If you are having difficulty, you can reach out to us and together we can try to find a replacement for the space. You are, however, regardless of the situation, obligated to pay the full rental amount monthly, until we locate a replacement for the space. The earlier you let us know, the faster we can start to promote the space again and release you from the contract. The fastest route is you find a replacement, but we will use all of our resources as well.