German Engineering


germany flagThe center of Europe, steeped in mystique
Rolling hills of Geraniums and steep mountain peaks

For years Hitler defined it by his torment of a race
Concentration camps remain keeping history in place

Masters of perfection, Einstein, Beethoven and Bach
Although long gone from this earth, these guys definitely rock

Industrialized nation, revolutionary sleek autobahn
Unlimited freedom, vehicles speed into dawn

germany mapCelebrate at Oktoberfest with bratwurst and drink
Thousands journey here to create a social link

East and west divided by the Berlin Wall
Brothers united and the world watched it fall

Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and Frankfurt
Sounds more like fast food than cities that assert

Twelve-hundred breads, biscuits and decadent cakes
Fine wines from Rhine Valley, nourished by crystal lakes

Skiing and cycling, culture and spas
Castles for a princess, rebels with a cause

Emerged community leader, with heritage strong
A new Germany enlightened, from choices that belong.