What is a PopUp Shop

What is a PopUp Shop?

Main St. PopUp Shop is a store with a key location that brands, clothing designers, artisans and innovators can use to display and sell your art, introduce a product, expand your brand into a new market, test a new strategy or capitalize on an event.

It allows you to take advantage of a temporary space – whether it be for a day, a week, a month or a season.

And if it works out for you – perhaps you are ready for a full-time retail experience, and look at a longer term. 

Get your brand, products and goodies seen and sold with this low risk high traffic popup shop.

It can even be a gateway for an exclusively online retailer to launch a brick-and-mortar operation, test a market, promote your brands, generate social media attention and see how shoppers respond to your product.

Our goal at Main St. PopUp Shop is to create a new local experience and attract major brands, professionals or local artisans to use the store on a daily, weekly or monthly term on an as needed basis.

Here you could find something different every day, or the same familiar brands – it all depends on your support of them, and their fulfillment of what you want.